WorldWideHarmony is an organization dedicated to the creation of global harmony beyond 12-21-2012.  We are ordinary folks from many walks of life...from around the world,...who have come together knowing that harmony is possible.  We believe that we can not be lead or follow others into harmony, it must begin inside of each one of us. 
     As we evolve we send our spiritual threads out into the Universe making a bold statement of wakening.  We ask you to join us in creating global harmony.  We put aside our fears, thoughts and doubts and have leaped into Possibility...the possibility to create a world that resonates light, love, compassion and oneness.
     12-21-2012 is a benchmark.  It represents the completion of a task.  The task of bringing the Earth to the doorway of evolution.  
     In 2013 we crossed that threshold and now we are postured to awaken at will and to create the vibrational shift into a higher Dimension. It takes only 1/2 of 1% of the Earth's population to manifest Global Conscious Awakening and Harmony....Your participation is not only requested but needed!

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